Siluncedo - ‘We are Help’

The organization was initially established by Mr. and Mrs Mabuya and has been operating informally since 2010. The organization has since been assisting and empowering grassroots/growing community based organizations working towards caring, and educating orphaned, vulnerable, abused and HIV infected/affect children in Cape Town communities.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Mabuya have extensive experience working in the NGO sector for more than 7 years with different community based organizations and or child and youth centres.

To date Siluncedo has been supporting more than 6 growing and semi-established organizations with clothing donations, food donations and toys that are collected from supportive local and international friends.

The organization’s vision is to improve and develop the lives of poverty stricken families, orphaned, abused and vulnerable children/youth including those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. Our work has been primarily based between two different townships: Khyalitsha and Nyanga assisting two different projects in need.